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Business Credit & Debtors Insurance Services

Giving you Peace of Mind…

Debtors Insurance protects your accounts receivable ledger in the following events occurring;

Main benefits include;

All four Insurers will contribute 100% to the collection costs and a % of the legal costs depending on the Insurer wording and you will have the ability to pass trouble debtors onto their collection agency to collect on your behalf.

Your business can expand, knowing the cost of a bad debt is insured. You won’t need to worry about the size of your exposure levels and can take a competitive advantage, whilst others operate with uncertainty.

The proceeds of a credit insurance claim, injects cash back into your business. We can arrange a virtually unlimited cash reserve for the balance sheet as a tax deductible cost.

We will analyse your credit limits and monitor your debtors on an ongoing basis. Having a third party investigate your accounts will allow you to trade with confidence knowing you have protection against a bad debt.

Insuring your debtors’ ledger provides another source of security to bankers and or financiers.